Looking For A Roofing Contractor In Reno?

Our company offers a wide range of roofing services including leak detection, roof repair, and roof replacement.

Is there any roofing company near Reno?

We live in a world that runs on independent approaches and do-it-yourself arrangements, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. In fact, you yourself as a homeowner may have house projects that you want to do yourself. However, when it comes to major home improvements such as repairing your roof goes, you shouldn’t tackle it by yourself. As is the case with any roofing project, multiple unforeseen issues may arise such as a rotted foundation, coming into contact with hazardous materials and accidents.


In fact, statistics indicate that dozens of home owners fall and acquire injuries as a result of attempting a DIY roofing repair job. But by hiring a contractor, you essentially let them handle all the issues that may arise. On top of that, competent providers are licensed and insured and will cover any structural damage they may cause as well as to cover any injuries a worker sustains while on the job site. When the job is completed, you will also get peace of mind knowing that in most cases you will get up to a 20 year warranty which you will be able to highlight if it ever leaks again.

Dangers Of Leaving Damaged Roofs Unattended

It’s very important that you contact a professional as soon as you notice any signs that you need your roof repaired. Over time, water may seem into the roof and cause the foundation to deteriorating furthermore leading to additional repair expenses. Besides that, if the water from the leak seems into the foundation or walls of our home, you will eventually get a mold infestation. The problem with mold is that while they are generally harmless, certain mold species such as black mold is highly toxic, particularly amongst children and pets.

Our Top Roofing Services

We want to make sure that your vehicle is in the right shape possible that is why our company offers these top auto repair service and maintenance for the best health of your vehicles.

Roof Repairs

Some homeowners sit in a leaky house for months on end, because they believe it only requires a repair job, but remain hesitant because they feel they will get pushed into doing an entire roofing replacement instead. Our company has withstood the test of time because we continuously provide affordable, honest and effective roofing services year after year. When a client contacts us and indicates that they need a repair job, we evaluate the conditions of the roof and determine if it is in fact salvageable via repair job. We place a heavy emphasis on integrity so you can be rest assured if a roof only needs to be repaired, then that’s exactly the kind of project we will conduct. On top of that, we also provide a warranty on our repair jobs as well. Our experts will give you a rough estimate as to how long you can expect the repair to last as well as how long the roof itself will last before it needs to be replaced further down the line. Whether it’s applying caulk for chimney related leaks, to evaluating shingles and applying flashing tape on EPDM roofs, we can tackle any roofing repair job.

Roof Leaks

Water damage is nothing to dismiss. You need to practice your due diligence less you run the risk of ruining your home. There are many different household issues that can be put off. But, a leaky roof should be on the top of your list when it comes to maintenance issues to tackle. Leaky roofs happen for a variety of reasons such as wind/storm damage, improper roofing installation and a lack of effective maintenance. In some stances, your roof may need to be repaired or replaced because they only last for only 20 or 30 years. Regardless of the reasons, it’s important you know how much of an impact it can have. For starters you will start to notice a higher than average utility bill. This is because leaky roofs eat away at insulation in the attic area. As your insulation becomes saturated rendering it useless, your home will use more energy to keep your home warm during the winter months due to the amount of heat loss that’s occurring as a result of wet insulation. Besides that, if you have electrical wiring in the ceiling or attic, you need to be aware that this can cause a fire. In fact, a roofing expert may tell you you need the services of an electrician if the leak is left unattended for a few weeks or even days.

Roof Replacements

A roof replacement can prove to be an extremely daunting task for any property owner. This is why our experts work with every client to ensure that the process is as easy as it can be. Our roof replacement services will provide your building with a strong, beautiful roof that comes with a company backed warranty. We also provide a variety of different roofing systems so you can be rest assured regardless if your roof is made of asphalt shingles or EPDM, we have the right materials to handle any replacement project.


With time, all roofs eventually need to be replaced. This is inevitable even with the highest quality materials. But, due to the expenses associated with roof replacements, you don’t want to rush into it. This is why we execute thorough roofing inspections to determine if a client does in fact need a replacement or if it would be better to get a repair in regards to their specific needs and budgets.

Mobile Home Roofing

Water is defined as being one of the most destructive forces on earth that your roof shields you against. Proper maintenance can go a long way, but eventually every roof starts leaking. For traditional home owners, they have a vast network of different professionals that they can call upon to fix or replace their roofs when needed. But, individuals with mobile homes experience a different challenge as mobile homes typically have roofs that utilize a different structure which itself, calls for different techniques, skillsets and materials for replacement and repair jobs.


On top of providing services to traditional home owners and commercial property owners, we specialize in mobile home roofing repair and replacement jobs a well. If your home was built before June 1977, it may have a bowed or flat roof which may be covered with asphalt coating or sheet metal. If your mobile home was manufactured after 1977, your roof may be more pitched. These types of roof are covered with roofing panels or asphalt shingles like a traditional home. Therefore, if you have any concerns that we’re knowledgeable enough to provide you with the right services, be rest assured that we have the right team of experts for the job. We are well aware about the structural properties of mobile roofing home and how they differ from traditional roofs. We also know that they require a higher level of care and specific materials.

Commercial Roofing

If you’re looking for a top tier commercial roofing service that goes above and beyond typical expectations, look no further. We offer local businesses various types of roofs with different styles, sizes and shapes. In fact, if you have a flat roof, chances are that as a commercial property your roof is made of EPDM, the most commonly used material for flat roofs on commercial buildings. We have also done countless amount of EPDM related roofing repairs and replacements. Having worked with multiple companies for several years, we understand that business owners strive to protect their investment as it is vital to their income. Our professional team works expeditiously to finish all commercial projects with integrity and excellent workmanship, utilizing only high-materials from the leading brands in the industry.


Regardless if your commercial property needs a new roof for an upcoming construction project or if you need a roof for an industrial building, you can be rest assured that we will place a heavy emphasis on quality and speed so that your business can go back into operations as soon as possible. We understand that not only does the job have to be done competently, it has to look beautiful and professional so that your company can retain a positive image in your customer’s mind. We pay attention to the smallest details and are well aware of how important safety is when it comes to working on commercial properties.

Affordable Services Without A Compromise On Quality

While it may be true that in some instances you get what you pay for. Our company has withstood the test of time because we have consistently demonstrated that you can get affordable, professional roofing services without a compromise on quality. Use our contact form and reach out to us with your concerns.