Brake Change

Driving a vehicle with a faulty break system can be dangerous for you and for the people around you. This is obviously unsafe and not recommended to do so. Damaged brake pads can prolong stopping distance. To avoid accidents in the road, it is best to replace your worn out breaks as early as possible. Avail our services today and be safe on the roads!

Our company is your trusted auto repair service company especially for your brake change. Services included a thorough brake system inspection, brake pad or brake shoe replacement and off-vehicle resurfacing of drums. Top quality service is administered by our certified professional mechanics and technicians in Lancaster. 

We are confident of our work because we only provide the highest quality of brake repair and change for our customers. One of our best featured service is our standard resistance formula that has dependable stopping power at short period good for safe braking. The famous branded brake pads we use to repair and replace are also available in any of our chain stores making sure that wherever our customers are, they will constantly receive the best quality products of brake service. 

What we offer….


Brake Fluid Exchange

Our skilled technicians will thoroughly evaluate your brake system with a visual inspection on the system, replacement of new brake fluid that exceeds your vehicles specifications and disposal of the used fluid. Brake fluid exchange can keep your brake system working effectively and efficiently that is at the same time safe for roads. Rest assured that our experienced technicians will recommend customers the best procedure to make for your brake fluid exchange,


Brake Inspection

Get ahead of the game always and do maintenance brake inspection in a month. This can help you not only be away of future accidents but also a good save up on your budget. Brake inspections can avoid you of costly repairs and damages. Let your mind be at peace and have your brake inspection by the best auto repair service company in Lancaster. Our skilled mechanics and technicians will perform a visual inspection, measuring of the brake pads and technical issues inside your brake system. Do not worry because we provide service recommendations that best fit to your unique brake needs. 


Brake Replacement

From pads, shoes, rotors and drums, we got it all for you! Do not prolong your agony on a breaking brake pad. Get inspected today and replace your old used ones. We provide brake replacement services that could return back your vehicles manufacturer specifications.

What are the signs that you need to have brake inspection?

  • Brake pedal respond slowly
  • Brake pedal requires pressure
  • Steering wheel is shaking
  • Your vehicle is wobbling or pulsating when driving on highway speeds
  • When you hear grinding, squeaking or squealing sounds
  • Unusual noises and vibrations during braking
  • Brake pedal feels spongy an farther to the floor
  • Vehicle requires longer distance to stop
  • Your brakes warning light comes on and stays on 
  • It has been over a year since the last time of brake inspection