Routine Maintenance

Doctors always suggest patients to always have a regular check-up. This can help a person in detecting possible health problems or developing diseases. Regular check-ups can keep a person healthy. The same with vehicles and cars, conducting a regular maintenance check-up can prolong the life and overall performance of a car. Most importantly, having routinely maintenance can provide you of preventive and predictive maintenance that can cut your costs for future damages.

Our company has been operating and have maintained thousands of cars around the local area. Our routine maintenance is a planned and ongoing activity that can be done monthly or depending on how much your vehicle needs it. Our certified technicians and mechanics are able to identify possible problems and administer a solution to prevent further damages that may result to vehicle failure. 

We commonly do routine maintenance on regular inspections and service work depending on a planned time-based schedule or on a usage based schedule. This only require basic maintenance skills that are small and simple but have huge impact to your cars overall health. Investing in regular maintenance and trusting our company work can extend the life of your vehicle, reducing emergency maintenance and keeping your vehicle running smoothly, consistently.

What are the benefits of a regular maintenance?

As car owners, there are several reasons for you not to ditch your regular maintenance. Prevent unpredicted damages and expensive repairs on a damaged vehicle by reading these benefits.
Extends your vehicles over-all life
Maximize your cars potential and its best performance
Catch any lurking potential problems ahead of time
Prevent these damages with early diagnosis
Keep optimal performance of your vehicle
Decrease your vehicles downtime
Prevents build-up of dirt on hard to see components
Avoid reducing the efficacy of vehicle
Lessens the need to replace parts in a damaged vehicle
Reduce emergency works and unnecessary payments

Our routine maintenance services we offer

Our company inspects, cleans, lubricate, give service, adjust equipment’s and replace components. Whatever type of preventive maintenance is needed for your vehicle, we all have it in store for you. Our mechanics and technicians have their maintenance checklist provided for each customer they are assigned to. This ensures every customer that their vehicle is provided with the service required. 

Our company’s routine maintenance includes the following:

  1. Inspecting on the vehicles equipment’s and parts to ensure proper operation and optimal performance
  2. If any part is a hazard to safety, we replace any part that shows deterioration and damage
  3. Regular maintenance on lubricating, cleaning and adjusting machinery
  4. To ensure safety, our mechanics follow through checking, testing and maintaining safety parts such as brakes, steering and signal lights are functioning well. 
  5. General cleaning work such as HVAC system cleaning, window washing, carpet removal and vacuuming, wiper blades, air filter, etc. 
  6. Changing oil and checking oil filter. If such needs cleaning, our maintenance employees are always ready to remove all the accumulated dirt.
  7. Checking the tires for proper inflation and balanced proportion 
  8. Inspection of battery terminals to remain free of corrosion