Oil Change Service

The best way to protect your engine is to change your oil.

Why changing oil is important?

Oil reduces friction, lubrication for engine parts, lessens wear and tear, acts as seal in between pistons, rings and cylinder surfaces. Without cleaning this up, used oil build up can be toxic to engine parts that can cause rust, carbon and varnish to damage the engine. In order to help your vehicle function at its best and run efficiently while maximizing its fuel economy, change your oil today with the right company to trust in oil changing services.

Why choose us in Lancaster?

Simple. Because we provide the best quality and service in oil changing at lowest and affordable price guaranteed. Our oil change is administered by our registered technicians and mechanics that would be able to recommend you of the best procedure for your oil problem. In line with providing a solution, we undergo a comprehensive service that inspects the engine for leaks, then replace the cars oil, remove all of other fluids and replace the oil filter. This can guarantee happiness for your vehicle and a longer, extended life to its engines.


When would I know that I need to change my oil?

When you can hear grinding or tapping noises this can be a sign of dreaded metal on metal sounds. This means that your oil level is too low to lubricate the engine metal parts so change your oil abruptly!
Poor lubrication makes your vehicles engine work harder resulting to overheating. Excess heat would make the vehicle not functional. You do not want to be excited for a trip only to be stuck on the road because of overheating, right?
Too much dark oil is bad oil. Just by seeing through the colors you could recognize an oil that is fresh with clear to light brown color from an overused dark, hard to see through oil color.
If you can notice fluids under your vehicles or on engines then that is the best time to get your oil changed. This can be a symptom of oil leak that is unchecked. Avoid engine failures and catastrophes on the road and change your oil.

Our oil changing services that can save your engine

We care for your vehicles just as we care for you. Be safe on the roads and have your oils changed with our wide variety of oil changing services that is best fitted to any unique oil problem one may face.

  • Premium Oil replacement
  • Oil filter replacement
  • Air filter check
  • Engine inspection for leaks
  • Time pressure check
  • Rigorous inspection of under carriage
  • Filling of fluids
  • Topping of used oil
  • Lubrication of all fittings and metal surfaces
  • Belt and hose inspection